Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Will Gow: Why I'm Going


William Gow works in Business Development across EMEA (Europe Middle East and Asia) for an asset management and financial services business called eSecLending. Interests: the history of anything; sport; music.

Sport: tend to be endurance based, except for the odd game of cricket and golf.

Music: fascination for the blues.

History of anything: current interest: sun record label; previous: the art of Sir Francis Claude Barry.

Family links: my great(x1) grandfather was Shackleton's father-in-law. My great aunt Emily Dorman married Ernest.

This project is the culmination of 8 years of adventures. It all started as a way of raising money for my mothers charity: the National Hospital Development Foundation and for their research into MS. At the time I was an enthusiastic smoker and drinker, but realized such
a lifestyle was not doing me any favours, especially as I was watching my mother deteriorate with MS - so I decided to take action.

My first event was the Himalayan 100 mile stage race across the foothills of Kanchenkunga. The race gave me a somewhat masochistic outlook on life and also raised pots of money which delighted my mother and gave me encouragement to pursue further adventures.

The polar adventure began with being accepted as an assistant leader for the british schools exploring society, where we took 75 teenagers into arctic Norway and spent several weeks on the Oksfjord icecap. The beauty and serenity of the polar landscape left a massive impression on me, and I started thinking how I might be able spend more time in those regions.

With a masochistic streak and a desire to explore the wilderness regions of the world, the next challenge on the horizon was the marathon des Sables. It was here that the plan for a trip to the Antarctic began to formulate.

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Posted by Tim Fright on July 9, 2007 10:26 AM