Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Tim's 1lb Luxury Item

It turns out that we are allowed to take 1lb in weight (that's around 400g for all you metric people out there) as luxury items - something to help the long, ice-cold, windy, interminably bright (24 hour sunshine), barren, featureless Antarctic days go by a little easier (is it too late to change my mind I wonder?)

Anyway, it's something that I have spent some time thinking about (my luxury item that is, not quitting although that thought is beginning to sound more appealing) and I can't decide. Henry Adams' chair in his article "top ten things to take to the pole" looks pretty tempting. I have decided however, that I want to take a book as I'm not up with the times enough to own one of those 'i-pod' things that everyone has nowadays, but I don't know what book to take.

The thought of reading Shakespeare on the ice was appealing for all of 3 seconds, so I need some help - what should I take to read when I'm down there?

Posted by Tim Fright on July 12, 2007 12:16 PM