Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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The Beardmore family connection with Shackleton


Today we are lucky enough to have an article or two from Matthew Beardmore-Gray. Matthew writes:

'Hello, my name is Matthew Beardmore-Gray and Sir William Beardmore is my great great Uncle. Continuing the family connections I am on the fund raising committee. Unfortunately I cannot personally match William's original donation which in today's terms is worth £430,000!

Lady Beardmore's connection with Shackleton dates from his return to England, invalided from the Discovery in 1904. Her husband, then Sir William Beardmore, had just taken over the Aroll-Johnston motor works, and had several other commercial interests, Lady Beardmore encouraged Shackleton to consider the possibility of being his right hand man as a likely occupation. In 1906 he entered his employment as secretary of the technical committee at Beardmore's engineering works at Parkhead, Glasgow.

This only lasted for a short time, but his friendship with Lady Beardmore continued and with her encouragement Shackleton planned his own Antartic expedition in 1907. Sir William was among those who helped to finance this venture with a loan of £7,000 and his name is perpetuated in the Beardmore Glacier.'

Posted by Tim Fright on January 20, 2008 2:56 PM