Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Send Off from Hut Point

The team were seen off from Hut Point on Sunday 16th November by a number of people from the US Antarctic base at McMurdo. Kevin Pettway, from the US base emailed to say:

I was recently given the privilege of meeting the three gentlemen on the SCE expedition. I met them at Cape Royds, near the Barnes Glacier, and then again at Scott's Hut near McMurdo Station. I've been down many times to Antarctica, and have had the opportunity to do some amazing things on all corners of this continent, but none of it compares to meeting these guys and being able to hold Shackleton's compass in Antarctica. I'll now do my part to spread the word to as many people as possible regarding this expedition and your foundation.

The gentlemen on the expedition asked me to submit to you this flyer (see below) that my friend and I made. We posted this around town the night before they left so we could get as many people as possible to see them off. All pictures in the flyer were taken from your website. Also, I have attached a compressed example (taken by Nicole Alhadeff) of your men as they described the nature and purpose of their trip to the McMurdo townsfolk.

Shackleton Centenary.jpg

Henry Worsley said that everyone from the US base was incredibly friendly and it was all the team could do to resist offers of "wine, women and song" but it was important that the team did not accept anything from them in order for the expedition to qualify as being "unsupported". Bob Greschke of the McMurdo base took some photos and he is going to send some video as well.

We have also received some photos from Cara Sucher from the McMurdo Base - see below.
It is worth remembering that the interest shown by the inhabitants of McMurdo is understandable given that this expedition is only the fourth in history to head for the South Pole from Hut Point, and the last one (Robert Swan's) was in 1985!!

Posted by SCE on November 18, 2008 8:53 AM