Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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'Making good decisions in bad times'


Harry C. Stonecipher: the former Chief Operating Officer at the Boeing Company gave a speech in August 2001 to the Annual Conference of the Young Entrepreneurs Association in Seattle. In it, Mr Stonecipher thinks that valuable insights into life and business can be drawn out from the legacy that Sir Ernest Shackleton has left behind.

Using Shackleton's memorable adage that 'Optimism is high moral courage' , Mr Stonecipher argues that pursuing an improbable goal with a willingness and determination to deal with great difficulties offers a lesson to us all.

In working out the secret to good leadership, and making the right decisions in hard times, the former Boeing boss invokes 5 rules for corporate management. He believes that Shackleton's extraordinary grace under pressure teaches the same lessons.

These rules can be found by clicking here. The speech itself was found via the Wikipedia website's entry for Sir Ernest Shackleton, which also includes a link to our site here.

Posted by Tim Fright on November 20, 2007 4:35 PM