Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Greenland Diaries: Menu

Food glorious food. Out on the ice for 17 days, the guys were able to give the once over on their rations - to see what was tasty and what was nasty. Because of the monotonous nature of skiing day after day, food can play a vital role in mixing things up a bit and relieving the boredom.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner went something like this:

Breakfast: porridge (dehydrated + water), hot chocolate

Lunch : 3 x Cadburys chocolate bars, 2 x Pepperami, 1x Flapjack, 1 x 50g Bag mixed nuts, 2 Orange fuel drinks

Evening : 1 main meal (700 cals), 1 pudding (500 cals) - usually rice puddig with fruit pieces, hot chocolate.

In total the guys were expending around 6,000 cals a day and taking on 5,500 cals, with no pemmican in sight.

Posted by Tim Fright on May 24, 2008 1:44 PM