Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Photos from Shackleton's Hut

We've finally received a few more photos of the guys at the beginning of the Expedition. The first below is of the guys at Patriot Hills:

At Patriot Hills_1 (3).jpg

Here is a beautiful photo of McMurdo Sound
McMurdo Sound_1 (2).jpg

Ready to Ski1_1.jpg

Ready to Ski2_1.jpg

The following four photos are of Shackleton's Hut, and we are incredibly grateful to the New Zealand government for allowing us to see how Shackleton and the men were living 100 years ago:
Expedition in Shacks hut1_1 (2).jpg

Outside Shacks Hut2_1.jpg

Shackletons hut1_1.jpg

WillHenryA in Shacks Hut_1.jpg

Here the guys are setting off from Cape Royds:
Setting off from Cape Royds1_1.jpg

Setting off from Cape Royds2_1.jpg

Setting off from Cape Royds3_1.jpg

Posted by SCE on December 16, 2008 10:57 AM