Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Antarctic Malt Whisky Appreciation Society

The team experienced their first day of challenging Antarctic weather today. Listen to Henry Worsley's sitrep to hear more about the conditions. They also treated themselves to the first of their weekly "lie ins" so only sledged for 6 hours today instead of the normal 8.

A number of you have been asking why we are measuring in nautical miles rather than statute miles. The reason is primarily that that is the measurement used by the original Antarctic explorers, and all the map are in degrees and minutes. 1 degree of latitude = 60 nm and 1 minute = 1nm.

For those of you concerned about the rate of progress you should not be too alarmed. Robert Swan completed this route in 1985, and is keeping a watchful eye on our boy's progress. He reports that they are going along perfectly at the moment. We all expected the progress on the Ross Ice Shelf to be slow because of the snow conditions and the weight of the sledges. As they eat through their food the sledges get lighter. Also the going should be quicker on the Beardmore Glacier and the Polar Plateau.

whisky1.jpgWill Gow's report describes, among other things, the inaugural meeting of the Antarctic Malt Whisky Appreciation Society , when they enjoyed a tot of Caol Ila 16 year old (pictured above) last night! He also describes their supper (as requested by Julian Graham).

Will also describes the effectiveness of the Timberland equipment and wishes them well for the launch of their Shackleton range of clothing and equipment which has been inspired by this expedition. Click the Timberland logo below to view the Shackleton range.


Keep the questions coming. Henry W hopes to talk about wildlife and sounds (as requested by Caroline Burch) in tomorrow's report.

Finally, thank you for all the messages of support and encouragement. It makes the maintenance of the website and the writing of these bulletins all feel worthwhile!

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Posted by SCE on November 21, 2008 10:56 AM