Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Much tougher conditions today, with cold of -25° C and strong headwinds, but a creditable 12.0nm covered. Listen to Will Gow's report to hear about the day in detail.

Ablutions - Good Subject for a Monday Morning!

Several of you have asked (and I'm sure many more thought but were too embarassed to ask!) about arrangements for ablutions. The answer is that under the terms of the Antarctic Treaty, all "waste" has to be removed, so solids are put into empty food wrappers and taken with them. So the weight of the sledges does not reduce by quite as much as you might think! Luckily the temperature ensures that everything freezes, so there is no problem with odour. The boys also use bottles for peeing in the tent, and Henry Worsley says that these can double up as a hot water bottle, once used. He does stress however that it is very important to him to ensure that he is hugging his own bottle in his sleeping bag, rather than someone else's!!

Posted by SCE on November 24, 2008 3:05 PM