Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Another perfect day's weather conditions enabled a very good 13.9nm today. Listen to Henry Adams's report to hear about the day in detail. They have now completed over 100 nm and their daily average has now reached double figures.

Listeners Questions

In his report Henry Adams covers some listener's questions - about sleeping arrangements (Michael Scanlon and me!) and what sounds they can hear (Caroline Burch).

Route Map

I have updated the detailed map, and have also plotted on it Shackleton's route as acurately as is possible. He often only recorded his latitude so I have guestimated his longitudinal positions. I am particularly unsure of his route at the top end of the Beardmore Glacier at around 85° S 165° E. I would be interested in thoughts on this.


Many of you have asked about how they power their iPods , phones and PDAs etc. The answer is that they have taken some new solar technology with them and this enables them to charge all the kit, and it certainly seems to be working well. However we do have a problem with charging the PDA, which I am investigating from this end. The downside of this is that they have not been able to send me any photos since leaving Ross Island. I hope we can solve that problem soon as it would be good to see some pics, if only to see the length of their growing beards!!

97 Mile Team

The 97 mile team, led by Dave Cornell, depart today for Norway and their final training and preparation before flying out to Chile and on to Antarctica just after Christmas. This team will meet Henry Worsley, Will Gow and Henry Adams at the point 97 nm from the South Pole, where Shackleton turned around. We wish them well for their week's training.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's bulletin that the daily report by Henry Worsley was cut off at the end, due to him running over the max time on the system.

I hope those of you in the UK are enjoying our polar-like weather this weekend!

Posted by SCE on November 23, 2008 6:33 PM