Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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History and whiskey

13.4 nm achieved today in cold and windy conditions. Listen to Will Gow's report describing the day. They have now travelled about 178 statute miles in total, equivalent to London to Exeter!


The boys have sent some more photos today. See them in today's daily report


During today the team drew parallel with the point where Capt Scott, Wilson and Bowers perished on or about 29th March 1912 on their way back from the South Pole. Our team are about 17 miles west of that point. To read a cutting from the New York Times about the death of Capt Scott click the cutting below.


Antarctic Malt Whisky Appreciation Society

The 2nd meeting is happening tonight, and they are sampling a cast strength Laphraoig (see below).

laphroig bottle

97 Mile Team Training

The 97 Mile Team, led by Dave Cornell, are currently completing their final training under the guidance of Matty Mcnair. They have sent us in a voice report and a photo which can be seen here.

Posted by SCE on November 27, 2008 10:19 AM