Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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British Schools Exploring Society

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The British Schools Exploring Society have been kind enough to write an article all about us on their website. Their programme combines best practice from business management, sports coaching and leadership training models providing young people with a solid grounding in leadership theory; with the chance to practice the soft and hard skills of leadership.

The programme is delivered over six months through three pre-expedition weekends and a five week expedition. All the training is extremely practical, incorporating real and role-play projects that relate to expedition planning, the delivery of scientific fieldwork and the safe running of adventure activities in an expedition environment.

Will writes: "I was assistant leader on their Arctic Norway 2002 Expedition - it is a fantastic organization originally created by Murray Levick, the doctor on Scott's Terra Nova expedition, and enables teenagers between 16-19 to experience wildernesses and develop leadership and teamwork skills with other teenagers from different backgrounds.

The British Schools Exploring Society provides a great breeding ground for expeditioning - from the fundraising to the actual journey itself."

Click here to see their article.

Posted by Tim Fright on July 28, 2008 7:09 PM