Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Antarctic Conservation


This beautiful photo of Cape Royds comes from a Natural History Museum blog we happened to stumble upon a couple of days ago, and we are massive fans.

The blog itself chronicles the exploits of a team who have travelled to Antarctica to conserve the artefacts from the explorer's hut left behind by Sir Ernest Shackleton after his attempt to reach the South Pole in 1908.

You get a real feel for the enthusiasm they have for their work. On December 20th John posted: 'We have strived, using information from old photos and accounts, to recreate the interior to a certain period. The interior feels as if Shackleton's men have just left, there is food and clothing and personal belongings are left next to the beds.'

Henry Worsley, Henry Adams and Will Gow should be in the area in around 10 months from now so it will be interesting to see what they think of it all.

Posted by Tim Fright on January 14, 2008 3:28 PM