Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Climate Care's worldwide projects as of August 2007

The Antarctic is much in the news these days, mainly because of what the Polar icecap tells us about global warming. Both Poles are the canaries in the coalmine of climate science: the planet's own early-warning system.

In part, our job is to keep people paying attention.

That's why we're happy to announce that the Matrix Shackleton Centenary Expedition is backed by Climate Care who are a pioneering environmental company from Oxford. They've agreed to entirely offset the carbon emissions of the SCE (it takes a lot of fuel to get to our starting point) and make sure our whole trip is 100% carbon-neutral.

What does carbon-neutral actually mean?

Its like this: every time you take a flight, the plane emits some CO2. Every time your business swiches on a lightbulb, the power company down the road emits some more CO2. Climate Care work out exactly how much C02 you or your business are emitting, then go and fund projects that make emissions reductions, for example planting sufficient trees to offset the damage. The result: a balance. You, me and Nature come out on top.

For each project Climate Care engage a third party to write a report for them at the beginning of the project. This sets out what the emissions were before the project ('the baseline') and what the emissions are with the project. One minus the other gives the expected annual emissions reductions. The report also covers issues such as additionality.

Climate Care then commission ongoing monitoring of the project, to ensure that the expected emissions reductions are being made.

In our case, we'll be generating a lot more C02 than if we'd stayed at home, so Climate Care will underwrite the cost of restoring part of a forest in Uganda to offset that amount.

Everybody needs to do their bit, including Polar explorers.

We're very grateful to have their support.

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Posted by SCE on September 27, 2006 8:21 AM