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97 Mile Team - Day 10, 19 January Distance travelled: 0 nmi Temperature: -30 °C Conditions: Gusty winds, glorious weather at end of day. Read Journal Entry
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Day 66 January 18, 2009

The Ice Team reach the South Pole!

After 66 days of hauling their sledges, and without any outside assistance, Henry Worsley, Will Gow and Henry Adams today arrived at the South Pole at 0330 hrs GMT. They have travelled 799 nautical miles (919 statute miles or 1471 km) to achieve their goal of completing "unfinished family business". This expedition was always about celebrating the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton's great Nimrod Expedition when his attempt at being the first to reach the South Pole was thwarted, and the team turned back just 97 miles from the Pole.

After some five years of planning, and the raising of £450,000 to make it possible, the Matrix Shackleton Centenary Expedition has now achieved two of its three targets - to reach Shackleton's "Furthest South" on the centenary day, 9th Jan, and then to close the Pole. The third target, namely the successful attainment of the Pole by the 97 Team, should be achieved tomorrow, Monday.

Henry Worsley has sent his sitrep from the Pole, and some photos (see below) but he has not yet sent in his report. This will be put on the website once it arrives.

pole1.jpg                 Henry Adams, Henry Worsley and Will Gow celebrate at the Pole


pole4.jpg                                     Holding Shackleton's compass at the Pole

SITREP - Ice Team

1. Sitrep No 66 as at 0920 hrs GMT 18 Jan 09
2. Distance Covered Today : 4.7 nm
3. Total Distance Covered : 799.65 nm
4. Hours travelled: 3
5. Daily Average to Date: 12.12 nm
6. Distance to Pole: 0 nm
7. Altitude: 9310 ft ASL
8. Total Raised on Justgiving: £15,105
9. Total raised in last 24 hours: £1675


97 Mile Team

Richard Gray has left today's report from the 97 Team. He reports that morale is very high and they are just 19 miles from the Pole, after completing 12.4 nm today. He also goes on to report what he believes to be the strengths of the team (with his tongue in his cheek!).

SITREP - 97 Mile team

1. Sitrep No 9 as at 2300 hrs GMT 17 Jan 09
2. Distance Covered Today : 12.4 nm
3. Total Distance Covered : 79 nm
4. Hours travelled: 7.5
5. Daily Average to Date: 9.9 nm
6. Distance to Pole: 19 nm
7. Altitude: 9538 ft ASL

Support The Shackleton Foundation

If you have not yet made a contribution, please consider a donation to the Foundation at our Justgiving site. We really wanted to surprise the team with a really significant sum raised in this last part of the expedition to mark their considerable achievement, so please help if you can. Thank you.


January 18th, 1909

Our best day, 26 1/2 miles downhill, with a strong following wind. We have nearly got to the end of the main icefall. The temperature has risen sensibly, it being minus 14°F tonight, and the hypsometer, 196.5°, shows a good rise. With luck we may reach our depot tomorrow night. With food now in hand, we had a decent feed tonight. I have been very unlucky today, falling into many crevasses and hurting my shoulder badly. I have also had many falls, besides the trouble with the bad heels on the hard stuff.

Day 66 Report

  1. Day 66 Report
  2. Day 66 Sitrep
  3. 97 Report Day 9
  4. 97 Sitrep Day 9

Day 66: Overview

Distance covered:
4.7 nm
0 mph
Sunny perfect conditions.

The Heart of the Antarctic

This is the story of the “Farthest South” expedition, told by its leader. After enduring biting winds, short rations and crevasse-ridden glaciers for over a year, Shackleton’s party faced a desperate forced march to return to their ship, The Nimrod, or face being marooned on the ice.

Taken from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s own compelling chronicle of his first Antarctic expedition, written on his return in 1909.

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